About FACT 2006

Who are we?

In today's world, processed food and its effects on health and well-being is a major issue. Since 2011 the team at Fact 2006 Limited has been researching products for the food industry to help tackle these issues and to provide viable alternatives to many of the chemical based products that can cause problems.

Fact 2006 Limited works with natural ingredients to develop alternative products for use in food production, which both improve health benefits (particularly related to intolerances and allergies) and also enhance food flavour.

The founder members of Fact 2006, Alfred and John, with the support of academic research bodies, are using their extensive food engineering experience to expand the understanding of the bio-chemical and bio-nutrition of food ingredients, to develop a range of ground breaking food products. Their research and product development process is supported by professional and academic food and nutrition research bodies. Products follow strict development processes and conform to international food standards to ensure that they can be used in the UK and throughout the world.

Alfred and John's work has resulted in the development of a number of products, including the ground-breaking Fimivita, a gluten-neutralising baking powder. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of Fimivita, they have also developed a range of gluten-free bread. You can read more about Alfred & John’s Artisan Bread here.

What we believe in

  • We love that our products make a positive contribution to improved health.
  • We’re proud that customers feedback focuses on the high quality of the product and the excellent taste of Alfred & John’s Artisan Bread.
  • We use only natural, organic ingredients.
  • We are proud of our UK roots and typically employ graduates from the local universities and individuals with manufacturing experience in the West Midlands area.

More about us

FACT2006 is a limited company, registered in the UK. Directors are John Tandy and Alfred Musasa Manziala.

John P. Tandy is a British born graduate from the University of Coventry in 2006. He joined the company in 2007 as Corporate Treasurer / Director.

Alfred M. Manziala, is a British naturalised sciences research graduate of Middlesex University in London. He founded the company Food Additive Compound Technology Limited in 2006 (FACT2006) and now works as development director, project manager and managing director. He organises the day-to-day running of the business, research, working with technical partners, suppliers and buyers. He is also responsible for production.

The directors of the company value contact and input from researchers and industry and welcome contact and feedback.