Fimivita Development

Food Additive Compound Additive Technology (FACT) Limited was founded in 2006 in Coventry, West Midlands to run research training for under-graduates from local universities in the West Midlands.

In 2007 the FACT team was inspired by a research paper published by the Celiac Organisation Scotland by Melissa Croda, exploring the connectivity between obesity an Celiac Disease.

Research started in November 2007 to identify the causes of Celiac Disease and to develop methods to identify and perhaps remove triggers. Research was undertaken in collaboration with local academic organisations in West Midland, food researchers and businesses.

The research activity comprised three major stages, which included:
disease origin identification.
analytical research about the processing of wheat seeds.
development of corrective methodology, processing wheat seeds to eliminate the causes of intolerance.

During our research development, which took around 15 years, we have worked closely with the following organisations:
  • Warwick University (the identification process)
  • Campden and BR Food Technology Research Limited (crop content analysis)
  • University of Birmingham (nutrition content and risk assessment)
  • University of Birmingham College of Food Technology (work to help prove the concept of a compound making flour gluten-free)

Our unique and revolutionary product is now protected by a patent and a 2012 Trade Mark registered with the UK Patent Office, giving us exclusive trading rights around the world.

We are regulated by the UK and EU Food Standards Agency and audited by SALSA and BRC at a local and global level.